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School-Wide Rules

School-Wide_Behavior_Expectations Card IconSchool-Wide Behavior Expectations

Be Safe Be Kind Be Responsible Be a Problem
Hallways -Walking feet
-Hands by your side
-Face forward
-Use caution near yellow lines
-Show respect to other learners
-Follow adult directions
-Voices are off
-Respect rights and properties of others
-Carry a pass
-Kindergarten stay with your buddy
-Keep the hallway clean
Cafeteria -Walking feet
-Face forward
-Eat only your food
-Use quiet voices
-Follow adult directions
-Use good manners
-Allow for differences
-Stay in lunch order
-Wait to be dismissed
-Food needs to stay in the cafeteria
-Leave your space clean
-Raise your hand for help
Playground -Stay in boundaries
-Move safely
-Use equipment appropriately
-Follow posted game rules
-Include everyone
-Use kind words
-Eat inside the designated area
-Line up on time
-Freeze when the whistle blows
-Get help if needed
-Make a plan
-Talk it out
-Listen to others
Bathrooms -Wash your hands
-Keep water in the sink
-Give people privacy
-Knock before entering
-Use quiet voices
--Flush the toilet
-Keep floors and walls dry and clean
-Get back to class quickly
-Tell an adult if the bathroom needs attention
Library -Walking feet
-Move safely
-Sit correctly
-Show respect to the storyteller
-Return books to proper places
-Return your books on time
-Treat books with care
-Offer help
Office -Sit correctly
-Keep hands and feet to yourself
-Wait patiently
-State your purpose politely
-Leave items on the counter alone
-Arrive with a pass
-Follow directions
-Share information
-Look for solutions
Bus area -Open the gates with caution
-Sit and wait patiently
-Walk carefully to the bus
-Let smaller students go first
-Use quiet voices and kind language
-Stay in the correct area
-Take care of needs upon dismissal
-Help the other bus riders